Death Of Yolo (You Only Live Once) || Spoken Word

The book that inspired this poem: This was a poem I wrote for my church's easter service this past April. My hope is that someone watching this will walk away with a deeper sense of the grace of God and just how monumental Jesus death, burial, and resurrection truly were. If Jesus is still dead we are to be pitied, but if He really rose, we have to face up with the implications. Nothing is more precious than the fact that when we trust in Jesus, we are united with Him as one. Because of that, whatever is true of Him, instantly becomes true of us. Spotless, blameless, perfect, righteous, etc all are accounted to us since we are "in Him." SPEAKING/SCHEDULING: I'd love to come to your area! Help us out by filling this out: MY INFO Facebook: Twitter: Site: Email: VIDEOGRAPHER INFO: Facebook: Twitter: Site: Email: Lyrics to the poem: Also huge thanks to Mars Hill Church ( in Bellevue for letting us use their foyer and backdrop to film this in front of!