Disabled Vet, Full-Time Dad

CBN.com —Some days Mike Boeke is a pretty active single dad. Other days, it’s hard for him to walk or get around. Mike is a disabled veteran. He endured 17 surgeries after being crushed beneath a humvee while serving in Iraq. “I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1995 and I was injured in the Marine Corps,” says Mike. “I received medical care and went through numerous surgeries and had to deal with the ups and downs of it.” Mike works hard every day to be there for his daughter, Aubrey. “Things I value the most as a father with Aubrey would be just spending time with her,” says Mike. “My father died when I was eight years old. I’ve always prayed and asked God, ‘just give me enough time to live to make sure my child is an adult.’” “What I most admire about my dad is that I can talk to him about anything and he’s always there for me,” says Aubrey. “It’s my life,” says Mike. “It’s why I get up everyday, it’s why I continue to breathe and fight through.” Even on full disability, providing for an active teenager is hard. “When you’re feeding a child that’s in them kind of activities, especially on the swim team, you can’t keep enough food in the house,” says Mike. To help make ends meet, Mike and Aubrey started getting food and other necessities from Operation Blessing partner Victory Christian Ministries. We also threw Aubrey a birthday party, the first one she remembered since she was 8 years old. “I was very happy cause the last one was when I was really young, and it made me happy cause actually I had people who cared about me there,” says Aubrey. “Chocolate cake and Ice cream, people to hang out and have a good time with her…she had a big smile on her face today,” says Mike. Operation Blessing helps Mike put food on the table and create special memories with his daughter. “When she smiles, I can smile,” says Mike. “It makes my heart happy.” CBN Partners provide practical help for families in need. This often opens hearts to receive the message of Christ. If you are not a partner, please join with us today. For a small investment of $20 a month, you can bring help and a message of hope to people throughout the world. Become a member today!