Disgraced Youth Pastor Matt Pitt Freaks Out in a TV Interview

I don't own this. Here's the source link: http://www.alabamas13.com/story/23201577/the-basement-minister-arrested-birmingham "BIRMINGHAM, AL - A local youth minister bonded out of the Jefferson County jail last night after an arrest, to be held without bond in Shelby County. Matt Pitt, 30, bonded out of jail just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday on $15,000 bond. Pitt is the founder and creator of the popular youth ministry The Basement. A warrant was issued for his arrest on Friday, on charges that he impersonated a peace officer in June. Just last year, Pitt pleaded guilty to the same crime for an incident in Shelby County. He's being held without bond in the Shelby County Jail on a probation violation in connection with that incident. Prior to Tuesday night's arrest, Pitt agreed to conduct an interview at Alabama's 13 about the charges he faces. During the interview, he stressed he is not guilty. When he left Alabama's 13, Birmingham Police arrested him on 20th Street near Vulcan. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, there was a struggle between Pitt and the arresting officers when he attempted to run from the police. A pretrial hearing date could be announced as early as today.