Do not look back – November 05, 2013

My children, do not look back, many of you keep looking back all the time. You cannot change anything about the past. Leave your past behind you for good. Your past is there to remind you of things and not to do the same mistakes again. You must learn valuable lessons from it, but you cannot change anything about it. It is over, it is done, leave it behind you. Begin anew today, let your past behind you for good so that you can continue unhindered and do My will in My everlasting Kingdom. You cannot do My will if you keep looking back, so do not look back but move forward with Me. Follow Me. I go ahead of you to show you the way, to make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. I will open doors for you at My time so that you can progress in My Kingdom to fulfill My purpose and plan. Many cannot progress because there past stands in their way, it hinders them. You must make a decision today that you will leave your past behind and move forward with Me. Do not look back.