Dog Adopts and Protects Abandoned Kitten

<p><span>Dog Plays with Roosters:</span><br /><span>My brother's dog adopts and takes care of a kitten abandoned by its mother.. the dog keeps the kitty warm and protects it from any coming dangers when it hears something coming(explains why the dog was barking with the kitty under it looking around, just in case you were wondering :P ) The dog's name is Fiesty and the kitten was simply named Kitty x]</span><br /><span>just a little fyi, this is in southern California :)</span><br /><br /><span>*********</span><br /><span>To those who are asking, I don't know if the kitten is still alive. I wasn't allowed to keep it and had to give it away just like my roosters you can see in my videos that also played with the dog. Whether it survived the first few days before it was given away, yes it did. I never thought it would this much attention, I just wanted to save this loving moment my brother's dog had with his pet.Thank you for watching. Sorry if I never replied it's just some idiotic comments made me not want to reply. And to those that say the dog or cat were abused, shut the f*ck up and complain about something else. Obviously if you see my other videos the dog is perfectly happy and not mistreated!&nbsp;</span><br /><span>*****</span><br /><span>And for the idiots saying i didn't take care of the cat or didn't feed it, I obviously did dip shits. As you can see there is cuts in the video it's not one continuous roll. And you can see the transition from day to night. I took breaks to feed it and make shelter for it. It infuriates me that you dumbasses try and ruin the moment. I cared for that kitty and you try to make it seem as if i deliberately left it to die! The kitten was cared for and I could've kept it i would've!</span><br /><span>*****</span><br /><span>Unrelated funny video :]</span><br /><br /><span>World Star Hip Hop Type Video:</span></p>