What Happens When This Dog Meets a Hedgehog is So Cute

Hope this cute video will Brighten up your Day! Make sure to 'Like' if it made you Smile :) Get to know Poki more :http://youtu.be/uVAxGm6pkC0 This video is being managed by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: http://www.newsflare.com/video/6238 or email: newsdesk@newsflare.com or call: +44 (0) 8432 895 191 We added a new family member and her name is Poki-Hontas.She is an African pygmy Hedgehog which are domesticated and commonly bred and sold as pets. I got her for my Birthday. Hedgehogs are very Prickly but Cute at the same time. They are Nocturnal animals. We bought her from a very experienced Breeder which had handled her properly and socialized her ( Beach Bum Hedgehogs) She has such a great Temperament and is seriously the most precious thing ever. I just love playing with her and giving her rubs. Nimbus is getting along with Poki really well.. We had to teach him that Poki was Friend not food !!! Its illegal to own Hedgehogs as pets is couple of the states in America so just make sure to do your Research first :) I did get pricked couple times playing with her so I wouldn't suggest getting a Hedgehog if you have small kids.