Don't Fight atheists Christians! just pray for them

It's a waste of your time fighting trying to prove God to atheist because they are spiritually blinded with the cloud of the demons and devils. God told me in a dream to not persuade them with words but instead He told me to pray for them . God was very firm at the fact that I tried to argue them with wise words and instead of praying fervently. We must take compassion on the unbelievers and ask God to open their hearts and cast out all the demonic air that is blinding them and deafening their spiritual ears. Christians, arguing with atheist are like arguing with a rock that can't hear words, they always have something in their mind to say. Pray for them instead and I believe one day God will be needed in their life and they will turn to Him when they have a problem. If we all pray compassionately and fervently everyday, they will bow down to worship God. Because our prayers gather to move God Himself. And HE will appear in their life so vivid. So instead of wasting your time on them get close to Jesus. when every knee shall bow they will know the maker. fighting arguing is not Christ's way we must be in peace and just make videos where we don't argue with knowledge but instead showing what Jesus Christ of Nazareth have done for us. God bless you all and if you truly want to turn around atheist pray with real sympathy and compassion and God will move on your behalf. if it's your family and friends pray for them day and night so they may be saved. How many atheist do you know who has been convicted with truth when you told them? almost no one. their ears are just clogged with demons. so best to just pray for God will convict them and do the work to transform them. pray for spiritual gifts instead so when time comes and they need help you can say in the name of Jesus be cleansed, healed, or have miracles. So do that. For the proof of God is not in wise words but by the demonstration of the power of God. Keywords: Atheists aren't that bad. This is NOT an argument for atheism... It's a defense of atheists. This video received the award for "Excellence in Humanist Communications" from the Harvard University Humanist Chaplaincy. James Randi said this video was "very cool!" Michael Shermer said it was "very impressive." Penn & Teller said, "If a god existed, this video would make him wish he were dead." Dan Barker (author of "Losing Faith in Faith") said it was "very creative and powerful" and that it "makes a GREAT point!" Greg Epstein (the Humanist Chaplain of Harvard University) said "it's a wonderful video!" Stephen Ulh (author of "Imagine No Superstition") said that this video was "just wonderful for the cause of atheism." David Mills (author of "Atheist Universe") said "I am absolutely addicted to watching this fabulous video, which has almost instantly become a legend in the freethought community. Zak has created the most intellectually and emotionally powerful multimedia presentation I've ever seen endorsing the atheist position. This is a proud moment for all rational-minded people. Atheist books can have wide-reaching influence, but I strongly suspect that Zak's video will influence a much larger audience than any atheist book ever published. The first few times I watched this video, I literally had tears in my eyes by the end. The artistic talent and technical skills required to write and produce this video -- as well as its core message -- have made Zachary Kroger my newest freethought hero. I'm not surprised at the HUGE reaction Zak's video has generated." This video (among others) was also mentioned in the November 4th New York Times article "God and Man on YouTube." said this was "the best video of 2006." Lastly, I am pleased to see how much debate this video has sparked, and I encourage everyone that wants to, to join in. HOWEVER, spamming will not be tolerated. Nor will racist, sexist, or other mean comments. Such behavior is not conducive to good conversations, and users who do not act accordingly will be blocked. If you want to insult people, go somewhere else Fighting atheist christians pray atheism christianity God Jesus podroof religion islam theism vs Holy Spirit Hosanna God