Dr. Mary Neal Has a Near-Death Experience After Horrific Kayaking Accident

This amazing surgeon, Dr. Mary Neal had a kayaking accident, died and went to heaven. On this following video, she admits to seeing her lifeless body while doctors tried to revive her, but realized she was in a better place, heaven. This woman's testimony proves that it has nothing to do with brain waves or any type of medical treatments, you actually are in another world when you die. It is for real and definitely not a dream. Have you ever wondered where the soul of your loved one went after they got into a very bad accident or faced a terrible tragedy and died? If they were saved or even repented for their sins just in time, they most likely went to heaven. Dr. Mary Neal prayed under water, although she could not breath. Therefore, she eventually witnessed being greeted by several souls in heaven whom knew her name when she got there, which is one of the most amazing experiences anyone could ever have.