DRAW MY LIFE ( child abuse, sexual assault, depression teen pregnancy/mom )

This video is a "Draw my life" video, in this video I talk about a lot of personally things that I have keep inside for many years and a lot of people don't know about me, it was so hard for me too talk about of things and brought tears to my eyes remembering what I have been through especially about my childhood, my father and sexually assault. I have had a hard life, I felt like trouble follows me everywhere, I saw things some people have never seen in their life time, I have been through a lot, it is not easy being me. Seeing my friends have happy families and then having my family being through child abuse, dad going to jail, debt, struggles, depression and mom working on her own to support my brother and I. Then being sexually assault, loosing friends, feeling upset all the time and no one really noticed, cared or helped. I am very happy, I have an amazing family, engaged to my wonderful fiancé Matthew and my son Jacob makes me so happy, they both mean the world to me. Although I have been through a lot I feel like I am a strong woman who can do anything, I am getting my life back on track I start college in October, getting married to my best friend in November 2014 I am truly happy.