Educated into IGNORANCE

Knowledge makes puffed up. The more people study, the more ignorant and arrogant they become because they think that they know everything. That also goes for Bible students, they think that they know more than anybody else they even think that they know more than God but they do not know God. You can only KNOW God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. You cannot know what will happen next from interpreting the prophecies, you can only know what will happen next IF you walk with Jesus and He reveals Himself to you. Jesus shares His secret counsel with those who live close to Him, who love Him, who follow Him and who DO His will. Do YOU know Jesus Christ intimately? Do you LISTEN to His voice and follow Him or do you think that you know more that Jesus Christ because you know your Bible? If we need wisdom we must ask of God who gives to all men freely. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. Those who ignore the Holy Spirit and refuse to LISTEN and be guided by Him will remain in darkness because they are ignorant. May Jesus bless you