Emotional dad sings for dying daughter's birthday wish. This will bring tears to your eyes.

<p><span>I sing and play guitar for my son and daughter quite a bit. I'm not a great singer, in fact, I'm not even a good singer...but they like it just the same. My daughter Eliza is dying from a rapid degenerative and terminal disease which affects her brain first (like Alzheimer's in kids), and then her body. We are losing her in front of our eyes. The words in this song are just about too much to handle. She can't understand them, but she likes the way the song sounds, so I sing it...for her. Eliza is turning 6 years old on November 16th and we fight for a cure for this disease, Sanfilippo Syndrome. It is a race against time for her and so many other kids. If nothing else, perhaps this video might remind us ALL to cherish the moments you have with your loved ones...those 'small hours'...and to always keep HOPE.</span></p>