Father reunited with sons 11 years after wife kidnapped them

"I always had the hope, I never gave that up," Connington said. "I thought I might never see them again." In 1998 Bill Connington was awarded custody of his two sons. The mother, Jill Diane Haugen, kidnapped the children and used many identities including Ann Thompson . For 11 years there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest. In 2009, the children were removed from Haugen by Child Protective Services and placed in to Foster Care. After one of the children revealed his real name, a social worker uncovered that these 2 boys were kidnapped from their father 11 years ago. The mother, now in custody, claims she was a victim of domestic violence and the children were victims of sexual abuse. "I don't want them to return to their father," she said. "I'd do anything to prevent that." Police say there's no merit to her claims of abuse.