Fourth of July accident: 8-year-old run over by dad in 4th of July parade

A Fourth of July accident made this U.S. holiday a shockingly devastating one for the state of Oklahoma, as a Fourth of July parade went horribly wrong this morning after a dad ran over his 8-year-old boy with a procession float. According to US News this July 4, the 8-year-old was on the float and somehow fell off, then was trampled and killed by the trailer that was being driven by the father. The Fourth of July accident occurred a few minutes before noon today. Hundreds of people had come together in Edmond, Oklahoma, to celebrate the Fourth of July, but none expected the horrible accident that would take place instead of joy. Police report that during the LibertyFest week-long extravaganza, the father's son (who had been previously standing atop the float with over 20 other children) either fell from the float or jumped off. The float was being driven by the father as part of a trailer that sponsored the town's local martial arts program, AKA Karate. The 8-year-old boy was run over by the parade trailer in the Fourth of July accident, and despite immediate assistance from the crowd, was unable to be saved. A nurse in another float allegedly administered CPR after the father realized what had happened, and the boy did have a pulse while being loaded into an emergency vehicle. However, by the time the 8-year-old reached the hospital, he was already dead. It is believed that the son's death was "a unfortunate, simply horrific" accident, said city police in their report. This Fourth of July accident brings to light the notion that while this historic holiday is indeed one to celebrate, it's still one that needs to be handled safely and securely.