"Giama" (Music Video) -- Yangere Petra WKO

"I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live..." Psalm 104:33 Malaku Islands, 1999: religious war breaks out in Indonesia. The Voice of the Martyrs responds to the religious persecution of Christians, and distributes Life Packs to those affected by the violence. The survivors of that war gathered together to express their love of the Lord with this song, entitled "Giama", performed by the band Yangere Petra WKO. This music video was produced by a VOM contact in Halmahera, Indonesia, and includes footage recorded and photographed by VOM staff. Lyrics (roughly translated): Oh lord hold my hand don't let us fall into temptation of the world. Don't abandon us. To whom we put on our hope if it is not on you. Lord forgives our sins that we commit that our heart become calm. Don't abandon us. by VoiceOfTheMartyrsUSA