Girl Gives Balloons To Strangers for her Mother

<p>I would have never thought that giving ballons to people would bring so much joy. I bought 22 ballons and walked all over downtown giving it to random strangers. When I came up to someone they would ask, "Is this for donation?". I responded saying "Nope, I am just giving away just cause." So many people were shocked. One lady said "Thanks for spreading positive energy, I love it!" The one person that really got to me was the kid in the baby stroller. His face when he lighten up when I gave him the ballon was priceless. The feeling of giving, it's a strange and warm feeling. I am glad I did this video and was able to spread a little kindess into people's lives. This video is dedicated to my mother. She has been so supportive of me throughout my whole life and I wanted to surprise her with this video. I think one of the best thing is that I am able to talk with my mom with everything and anything. That 's how our relationship has gone so strong because of that. Thanks Mom! =)</p>