God's Wildlife Dedication

God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind ... And God saw that it was good. [Genesis 1:35] .... this being my very first 'wildlife' video upload, I hope you find it entertaining and enjoyable. As many of you know I love hiking the outdoors and I am always fascinated by all the beauty and blessings of God's creations all around me on my nature walks. ... as I told Mary Anne yesterday, wherever we go if we look hard enough into our surroundings, we are seeing the very essence of God's handiwork all around us :) .... The words of a favorite hymn remind me to behold the wonder of animals as they contribute to wisdom and balance in the world: "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful: the Lord God made them all. I'm so thankful to have these beautiful places to go walking and hiking with my Lord and Savior close to home. Everyone needs a break and I encourage all my friends to also take some time from the busyness of their own life and go to your nearby parks, nature reserves, wherever there may be walking paths or hiking trails. The exercise in itself is rewarding and for me I always find it very peaceful, cleansing, and invigorating for my soul. It's a bit long, but please watch this to the end where I've added a (special) dedication to a friend of mine who has inspired me with the beautiful videos he shares both entertaining and heartfelt I know many of you know and respect him as much as I do. It has been my privilege to call him 'friend and brother in Christ. Enough said ㋡ Enjoy! God bless ya too! with love in all things Jesus, Hiker Dan 08/30/13 Note: video footage was taken on a balmy Spring day, early May I think it was of this year.