Goodwill Manager Returns $43,000 Found In Clothes, Sets Example For All Of Humanity

<p>Tyler Gedelian, the manager of a Goodwill outlet in Monroe, Mich., says he's used to finding loose change, used tissues, and old grocery lists in the pockets of donated clothes. But last Wednesday, he found an envelope with more than $43,000 in it stuffed inside the pocket of a robe, the Detroit News reported. The 29-year-old didn't hesitate to do the right thing with his find, though. He called the police and returned the money, according to the Monroe News. "My biggest concern was getting the money back to the rightful owner," he told the paper. "I certainly can't imagine losing that kind of money. I was so nervous having so much of someone else's money." Police tracked down the money's owner, who then paid Gedelian a visit to personally thank him for his honesty, Local 4 news reported. "It was very humbling," Gedelian told the station. "Very nice."</p>