Greater Works Gospel of Jesus Christ

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a WORKS BASED GOSPEL. We prove by our WORKS that we love Jesus Christ. He said:”If you love Me, OBEY MY COMMANDS. He said:”The one who believes in Me, the WORKS that I do he will do also and GREATER WORKS. If you believe in Jesus Christ you have to COME INTO ACTION. You either show by your works that you love Jesus and that you follow Him, that you deny yourself, you do not participate in the things of the world and that you reserve yourself unto Him, you concentrate every effort, your whole life to Jesus Christ OR you disregard Him. Then you show that you HATE Him, that you don't love Him and that you don't care for Him. If you care for the kingdom of God and for Jesus you OBEY Him, you deny yourself and you GO AFTER HIM. You leave everything, all your own interests, all your own plans and you GO AFTER Jesus, you APPREHEND Him, you SEEK Him, you seek to HEAR from Him every day, every moment. You seek His will and you DO IT! You don't just say:”I believe and therefor I am saved.” If you BELIEVE in Jesus you GO AFTER HIM. You OBEY Him, you SEEK Him every day and you are never satisfied until you KNOW that you are DOING what is pleasing in His sight and unless He TELLS you that He is pleased with you. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a WORKS BASED GOSPEL. Faith without works is DEAD. Do you prove by your WORKS, by your DEEDS, by your OBEDIENCE that you love Jesus? Can the world see by what you DO that you are a child of God and that you follow Jesus Christ? If the world cannot see it YOUR FAITH IS DEAD and WORTHLESS and you will perish. If you do wicked works you are a son of the devil, if you sin you are a son of satan and Jesus will say to many BELIEVERS:”Go away from Me I never knew you, you WORKERS OF WICKEDNESS.” Are you working the works of Christ or the works of the flesh and the devil? Are you proving by your works that you are a child of God? May Jesus bless you.