Groom-To-Be Who Became Paralyzed On His Bachelor Party Is Slowing Recovering

This couple has been forced to put their wedding on hold after the groom was left paralyzed during a joint bachelor/bachelorette party several months ago. During their party in Naples, Florida two months before their wedding day, groom Brett Greenhill, 39, dove head first into the sun-kissed water and hit a sand bar in a freak accident on the beach. He suffered a grievous spinal cord injury and was left paralyzed. "He said, 'I can't feel my body," Greenhill's fiancee after he was paralyzed during their bachelor/bachelorette party. A popular podcast about Richard Simmons discusses why the fitness guru hasn’t been seen in years. Plus, a violent road rage incident was caught on video and a man insulted Kellyann Conway after she agreed to take a selfie with him.