He, 80 years old, a double amputee, goes skydiving! Why?

<p>80-yr old human rights activist, Malcolm Lambert lost both of his legs 6 years ago but still dreamt about what he could do to help others--His solution? Now Malcolm skydives! Malcolm Lambert was born in a little river town in Arkansas in 1932 and has spent his life giving back to others and advocating on behalf of human rights. He's always been a "project guy" and has developed many innovative campaigns and programs for universities and government programs that focus on research for social injustice. He's traveled all over the world spreading his messages and spent several years in Nicaragua in the 70&prime;s advancing efforts on behalf of Human Rights Violation. He is a true Social Anthropologist who seeks to find the greatest experience that life can bring. His life's inspiration is Ernest Hemingway.</p>