He Only Made a 10-Day Stop on Planet Earth but His Very Presence Spoke Words That Will Last Lifetimes

<p class="js-clip_title"><span>Josh and Robyn Blick discovered, when she was 20 weeks pregnant with her fifth son, that he had Edwards Syndrome, a genetic disorder that results in internal abnormalities.Family and friends from Alpine Chapel, where Josh works as a pastor, visited Zion in the hospital. And then, finally, the Blicks took their miracle baby home."That was one of the biggest joys," Robbyn said. "Our children prayed every night that we'd bring him home. There was such a joy and such a fullness."The Blicks knew that Zion's time was short, but they celebrated him with his four brothers. However, on his ninth day, Zion began to struggle to breathe. The following day, Jan. 21, he passed away.Through the hashtag #iheartzion, the Blicks shared Zion's journey. Followers posted how the family's story of faith and survival affected them. These moments were compiled into this video from Alpine Chapel, which begins with Josh and Robbyn sharing messages to their son."You did more in your ten days than I could ever hope to," Josh tells Zion in the video. "This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I want you to know I'm so proud of you.""Every breath you took was a moment to inhale the perfection of God's beauty," Robbyn says. "Every beat of your heart was a measure of love."Watch and SHARE the unforgettable story of Zion Isaiah Blick, the miracle baby through whom God's beauty and love continues to shine.Doctors didn't even expect him to survive the pregnancy never mind the labour but, against all odds, he did. Zion Isaiah Blick was born on January 11th 2014. He weighed just 4 lbs 7 oz.Ten days later he sadly passed away but before he did, his parents made sure to capture every moment they could for a touching video.It moved so many people that they started to comment on it. These tweets, accompanied by the hashtag #iheartzion, also made it into the video.</span></p>