Healed Because He Forgave


Following an accident, Dr. Art Mathias was diagnosed with a deadly and painful illness that caused him to harbor deep resentment against God.


With little time left to live according to medical experts, Dr. Mathias opened up to his sister's advice a process of forgiving those for whom he held bitterness and resentment. At first he balked, but her testimony about how she had been healed of breast tumors through the same process and his increasing desperation won him over.


By this point Dr. Mathias had been given 18 months to live. He began revisiting painful memories from his past and forgiving people who had hurt him. He also confessed and let go of his resentment towards God for his illness, and anxiety about death.


He was able to recover completely from his medical condition. People also began to learn about his healing and asked him for guidance about how they could be healed, which led to his establishment of Wellspring Ministries.


Dr. Matthias says, “The fear of dying, the fear of the future, those types of negative emotions, fears and anxieties, are toxic to our physical bodies. That’s what negative emotions do to you; they accentuate every problem. Forgiving from our heart is a choice. That’s what that means; I purpose and I choose to forgive from my heart.”


“The tormentors are the anger, the resentment, the bitterness, the fears, the worries; all these heavy negative emotions that torment us. The only way we can get rid of those heavy, negative emotions is to one, recognize they’re sin and then we shout, ‘hallelujah,’ because God gave us an answer to sin, there’s never a condemnation. Then we start repenting. Repent from blaming God. That opens a door to His healing power.”


Through Dr. Mathias and his testimony of faith, God has reportedly healed thousands.