Heartbreaking to Listen to Children Singing "Mad World", What Shall We Do for Them?

<p>Universal Children's Day was on November, 20th Every three seconds the world loses a child. Again, this year many children will not see their fifth birthday. The reasons for this tragedy are diverse; hunger, malnutrition, dirty water or the absence of vaccine protection. Every single one of these problems can weaken the immune system so much that avoidable diseases lead to life-threatening danger. International Children's Fund helps those children in need, especially in Africa. With your donation (https://www.icfaid.com/pages/DonateNow) we can continue our work and help stop the world from needlessly losing many children every year. Thank you for your support. And we want to give special thanks to the boy's choir Wuppertaler Kurrende (http://www.wuppertaler-kurrende.com) for supporting the idea. This song is now available on itunes: http://bit.ly/S9zTDJ ! MAD WORLD By Roland Orzabal &copy; Roland Orzabal Limited (administered by Chrysalis Music Ltd.) Courtesy of Chrysalis Music Holdings GmbH</p>