Hero Dog Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned In Birmingham Park In England

A keen-eared German Shepherd has been credited with saving a newborn's life after the infant was abandoned in a park in Birmingham, England. According to the Birmingham Mail, Roger Wilday, a 68-year-old grandfather, had been walking his 9-year-old German Shepherd, Jade, last week when the dog suddenly sprinted toward some bushes. Jade is said to have laid down next to what appeared to be a discarded carrier bag and refused to return to her owner's side. As Wilday approached his dog, he realized that the carrier wasn't empty. "I walked over and saw a carrier bag -- then I saw it move," Wilday told the Birmingham Mail. "I thought it was a bag of kittens, but then I saw her little arms and a head, and the baby started to cry." Shocked, Wilday immediately called the police. When authorities arrived, the baby -- believed to have been only 24-hours old when she was found -- was whisked to the hospital. On Friday, the West Midlands Police shared a video of the beautiful infant, who has been named "Jade" after her canine rescuer, as well as some happy news. (See Facebook post at the bottom.) "Baby Jade is recovering well in hospital," Birmingham East Police Chief Inspector Ian Green said according to the Facebook post. "I'm told she's very alert and a contented, happy baby. She's doing well and should make a full recovery over the next couple of days." "Pediatricians have confirmed the baby was lucky to be found when she was as even just a few more hours exposed to the elements could have had fatal consequences," Green said, according to the post. The BBC reports that the baby is believed to have been at the park for about 30 minutes before the dog discovered her. The Wildays say that their dog's excellent sense of hearing and affection for children likely led her to the newborn. "Jade's never found anything before. She must have heard the baby crying as these dogs have very good hearing, plus she's very keen on our [five] grandchildren," Roger's wife, Catherine Wilday, told the Birmingham Mail. "Whenever she hears their names she whimpers. She just loves kids.'' "I think my dog saved the baby's life. I'm very proud of her," Wilday told the BBC.