He's confused when reporter came up to him. Everyone crys when they know why

The 19-year-old spent most of his life in foster care. With no real family to call his own, the school has been Armando's only true home. He often spends 12 hours a day there. Cynthia Villegas teaches English at the school. She says she'll never forget Mando's caring ways. "He has nobody to turn to...Parents or family," said Cynthia. "And yet he's so optimistic and he's such a good kid... And everybody who meets him... Loves him." He volunteers in the library, helps staff in any way and always remains positive, according to Cynthia. It's amazing for her to see considering he once lived in a shack and still rides his bike for miles to and from school. Cynthia says he also works a number of odd jobs to help make ends meet. He's unable to get a real job because he doesn't have a social security number. "I wanted to Pay it 4Ward to Armando because he gives us hope," said Cynthia. "He's got a good heart and I just want him to have a better future."