His Daughter Wants To Know If He Has Alzheimer..The father Answered, And It Left Her Smiling the Biggest Smile.

I belong to several different online dementia caregiver
support groups and many people in the groups know of
my dad. The other day a women in one of the groups asked if
my dad knew he has Alzheimer’s, so I decided to ask him.…

For those who feel the need to correct my mispronunciation of the German name Alzheimer's;
Thanks in advance for your correction :) I did mispronounce Alzheimer's. At this point in time, when this video was filmed, I had gone 5 days with little to no sleep due to the needs of caring for my father and I was exhausted. Fortunately the majority of people who have seen this video are able to comprehend the true and important message that the video conveys even though I did mispronounce the German pronunciation :)

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