History of Christianity 6: Schism and the Seeds of Schism

In this video, we take a look at the history of the Christian Church during the years 400-500. We look at the Christological controversies, including St. Cyril of Alexandria's defeat of the Nestorian heresy at the Third Ecumenical Council in Ephesus in 431 and the defeat of the Monophysite heresy begun by Eutyches at the Fourth Ecumenical Council in Chalcedon in 451. We also look at St. Augustine of Hippo's battle against the heresy of Pelagianism and how his battle against this heresy inadvertently caused him to sow the seeds of the Great Schism through his invention of the doctrine of Original Sin. Finally, we look briefly at the expansion of the Church by St. Patrick in Ireland and under King Clovis I in France. Suggested Reading: "The Story of Christianity: An Illustrated History of 2000 Years of the Christian Faith" - David Bentley Hart "Early Christian Doctrines" - J.N.D. Kelly "The Story of Christianity, Volume 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation" - Justo L. González "The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine; Volume 1: The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition" - Jaroslav Pelikan "History of Eastern Christianity" - Aziz S. Atiya "Byzantium" - Cyril Mango "Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization" - Lars Brownworth "A Short History of Byzantium" - John Julius Norwich "St. Cyril of Alexandria: The Christological Controversy : Its History, Theology, and Texts" - John McGuckin Suggested Primary Sources: "The Confessions" - St. Augustine of Hippo "Twelve Anathemas" - St. Cyril of Alexandria "Letters to Nestorius" - St. Cyril of Alexandria "The City of God" - St. Augustine of Hippo "Confession" - St. Patrick of Ireland