Holy and unblemished – September 03, 2013

My children, you are My Church a living epistle in the world. You are still in the world but not of it. You must be separated and different, holy and unblemished, not soiled like the rest of the world. You must be light and do not be darkness yourselves. Then you only deceive yourselves. If you want to be My true Bride, you must be holy and unblemished, without spot or a wrinkle. I am holy and you must be holy because without holiness no one will see Me nor enter into Heaven, only the pure in heart, the unblemished will enter My Kingdom. Let no one deceive you. I do not change I am holy. You must change, become like Me, holy and unblemished or you will perish. I love and I care for My children, that is why I warn, so that you can take heed, prepare and be ready all the time. You never know when it might be your time, you might die today. Will I allow you entrance through the Narrow Door into Heaven or refuse you? Not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter and I will say to many in that day: Go away, I never knew you, you who work iniquity. Why? They were not holy and unblemished, without spot or wrinkle. Make sure while you still have the time that I am pleased with you. Do not assume, but ask Me who knows your heart and let Me search your heart to see if there is not anything in you that is still not pleasing to Me. You must be holy and unblemished or you will not enter into Heaven nor see Me.