Homosexuality is a Way of THINKING?

This video was originally recorded in 2005. This video discusses the absolute truth about Homosexuality without spewing hatred or malice. The goal of the presenter is to LIBERATE people in that lifestyle to be free to evolve if they so desire. You are a human being. You have the right to evolve. Do not allow popular political posturing to rob you of your right as a human to EVOLVE. In closing, there will be some of you who will spew out vile and putrid words expressing you disdain for what is being said... The simple fact is that people only become aggressive when they are confronted with truth. It is not the attempt of the author to hurt you or demean you. However, if you resort to anger or violence then you have more serious issues that you need to deal with other than homosexuality. P.S. Dr Phil....There is absolutely no empirical data to support homosexuality as being anything other than a behavior. There are plenty of Doctors and researchers out there that you could bring on your show to explain this fact. It is not fair for you to attack a Christian mother who has had no formal training in, and could not defend herself properly. That, my dear fellow Christian friend was cowardice on your part!