Hope in Me – August 14, 2013

My children, do not lose hope, you are not without hope, there is always hope with Me. If your focus is on the things of the world and other people, you will lose hope but if your focus is on Me and My everlasting Kingdom you will not be without hope. I am your only hope and hope in Me does not disappoint. I am trustworthy and always faithful. I am your only hope to reach your end destination successfully. This world is not your destiny. You are still in this world but not of it. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit. You belong to Me and My everlasting Kingdom. Heaven must be your destiny. You must strive hard to enter through the narrow Door because many will try but will not be able. Do not lose hope but stay hopeful in Me. I who began the good work in you am able to complete it, but then you must stay with Me and not lose hope, nor give up on Me until the very end, or it will all be in vain. I am your only hope. My children, many are still without hope because they do not know Me and many reject Me but I am the only hope for the world. I am the Prince of Peace, the Giver of true peace, without Me there will be no true peace, but only false peace, false hope and turmoil. I am the only Solution for the world. It is not My will that anyone perish but that all repent to have eternal life. I died for all out of love but not many seek Me. Their hope and trust is in fallible men and women and the things of the world, their means, but not in Me their Creator. I am alive, I am not dead. I am, I was and I am to come. I am in full control. I know the end from the beginning. You must put all your hope and trust in Me only, then you will not be disappointed because I do not fail. I work all things out for good but at My time according to My plan and purpose. Is your hope in Me? Never lose hope.