Hope Positive - Christopher Yuan

This video only includes Christopher Yuan's story. Below is a description of the documentary from which these clips were taken. Gritty, honest, and thought-provoking, this unique documentary introduces you to a group of individuals from wildly diverse social and economic backgrounds who have found new, vibrant life in the midst of pain and despair. Meet Katya, Makhaya, Carrol and Christopher. Four people from four different countries who share one crisis and one Hope. Shot on location in Russia, South Africa, Jamaica and the U.S., this documentary takes an up-close look at the very real power to survive that can be found in Jesus Christ, viewed through the lens of the greatest health crisis in history. WINNER - Best Documentary Short Film (2007). "An extraordinary, beautiful film that deals honestly with harsh realities, HOPE Positive's greatest accomplishment is the triumph of compassion over despair." - Independents' Film Festival