How a Paralyzing Injury Led to Incredible Success

Remember Katherine Beattie, first woman to do a backflip in a wheelchair? Well, that wheelchair had to come from somewhere... and the man who made it has dedicated his life to making wheelchair athletics possible for the many people who can't practice sports without it. Meet Mike Box. He works tirelessly to provide high quality wheelchairs for adults and children alike. Mike's career in wheelchair craftsmanship began after an accident that left his brother paralyzed from the chest down. Out of a desire to help his brother was born a passion for helping other wheelchair-bound people achieve the incredible. From morning 'til night you can find Mike Box in his studio, sawing, assembling, and custom making the wheelchairs he sells at

Mike's amazing story is part of our collaboration with The Happiness Stories and director Ron Parida, who presents portraits of individuals who have been dealt life's toughest challenges, but who choose to persevere and do inspiring things.

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