How God Heals Thru Forgiveness?

- Receive God's Forgiveness Shame and condemnation are typical feelings a sinner may have. It can be very easy to start believing that God is angry with us and that we are beyond his forgiveness because of the evils we have done. Our common enemy, the devil, works hard to persuade us to believe such lies. The truth is that God foreknew all the sins we would commit. Out of his great mercy and love for us, he provided the way for us to be rescued and forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the death penalty for ALL of our sins, great and small. How many times will God forgive me? Jesus reveals God's heart in his parable on forgiveness in Luke 7:36-50. The person who has committed many sins is freely forgiven just as the person who has committed few sins. God demonstrates his great love by forgiving all debts owed by his followers. "Have I committed the unforgivable sin?" According to the Bible, the only sin that is not covered by the blood of Christ is blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:10), which is basically ascribing the works of the Holy Spirit to Satan. The Pharisees did this on several occasions.