How To Love Christian Remix

DL: Hey guys, here's a new remix to Lil Wayne's How to Love. The concept is clear, the best example anyone in the world could ever to learn how to love is Jesus Christ. By Him coming down onto earth and dying to essentially defeat death for our sakes is the ultimate act of love and ultimate sacrifice. While on earth, He performed miracles, showed complete compassion, the utmost mercy and amazing grace by His life. These are all acts of one thing, love. So many people out there don't know how to love because they don't know Jesus, or maybe they haven't even heard of Him. Don't be surprised when others don't know, rather make the most of the opportunity and show them the love that Jesus has expressed towards you. There's the one worship song that says it best, "And they'll know we are Christians by our love." Don't take that lightly, each and everyday we have opportunities to be Jesus to others, think about that, you are supposed to be the picture of a Christian to them, so show them why you're a Christian by showing no lack of compassion and love towards them. God bless everyone, and remember, we have been blessed to know Jesus and to know how to love, now it's time to show the world.