I am Second® - Bethany Hamilton

http://www.iamsecond.com At age thirteen Bethany Hamilton was a rising surfing star. From her home in Hawaii she had everyday access to some of the world's best waves and basked in the warmth of a loving family. But her tranquil beach surf life was shattered one morning when a shark completely bit off her arm. Only the immediate help of her friends, heroic work by doctors and an overwhelming peace kept her alive in the critical moments after the attack. That fact that she survived was a miracle. What is one to do when your outward passion and purpose in life is seemingly taken away? Bethany looked inward to her relationship with Jesus, who renewed her spirit while also restoring her surfing ability, to even greater heights. Her story today is retold in the movie SOUL SURFER, and continues to inspire others to not give up on themselves..and God.