'I'd much rather be serving the church': Spencer Abbott talks with Pastor Mark

Once upon a time, Spencer was a touring musician. But after a conversation with a Mars Hill pastor, he realized he wasn't going to be able to confront the sin in his life if he wasn't in community. So he dropped touring, dug in at the church, learned from other leaders, and started serving in the church's bands. Today, he leads one of the church's newest band, Kin, who's releasing their first recording today and whom you might recognize as the ones who recorded the track in the Jesus Loves His Church intro video. In this clip, he talks with Pastor Mark about the band's name and how if something's not broke, don't fix it. The band's self-titled EP comes with three re-vamped hymns: "All Creatures," "Man of Sorrows," and "All My Tears." The six-member group, which rocks two drum sets live, is all about the crescendo, with echoes of Arcade Fire and Copeland's sounds.