iFixit's First Look at the "iPad 3 Retina Display"

As the supposed announcement of the iPad 3 draws closer and closer, the rumor mill is churning out some interesting stuff. Well, our friends over at MacRumors sent us what very well could be an iPad 3 display, so we took a good hard look at it, and nailed down some specifics: the display resolution (as rumored) looks to be 2048x1536, and there are subtle differences in the style of connector and placement of the retaining clips. Whether or not you consider this a true "retina display," it's hard to argue that the pixel-density of the "iPad 3" beats the heck out of everything else on the market. You can look forward to hearing much, much more from us on the subject once the iPad 3 is actually released. BIG thanks to the generous folks at MacRumors for sharing their display with us!