I'm Under Pressure "Christian Rap"

This is me keeping it real. I hope it blesses you. Instrumentals\beat produced by Ryan Griffiths,aka Jesusistheway1001 Vocals, lyrics & video editing produced by Redbonesmkia. Lyrics, What shall it profit a man, If he gain the riches of the world, and lose his very own soul? I'm feeling pressure lately, I'm feeling pressure now Yes, I feel pressure, Yes, I feel pain. Ya... I'm ashamed, Of the way I played the game! Ya, my hearts repentant, And Yes, I'm redeemed Our missions to tell the world about the lamb that was slain. My Rents overdue, My Bills are past due too Yes I've got no clue, Just what I'm supposed to do. Just keep my eyes on you, Trusting You'll bring me through. Every word that I heard from you Holy word, I'm knowing is true! Whose the one there, When I needed someone most of all When I couldn't walk When I could barely crawl. Like I'm going backwards, Even though I'm running straight. Like I'm going under, Even though I'm working late. (CHORUS 2 times) But Those who wait, Upon the LORD renew their strength; They mount up with wings like eagles; and FLY Dear Lord..Forgive me, For how far I've fallen. I turned, A deaf ear, Didn't wanna hear, You calling. But now I'm hearing Loud N Clear, I'm wide awake. I'm running back real fast Lord, Before it's too late! I'm knowing time is short, And There's no time to play. Lord teach me your ways, Because we living in the last days, I just wanna Close to you Let me hear your word an it stick like glue Help me to do what I'm supposed to do. And see things,..through your point of view Lord... I don't wanna be living in defeat, Help me to get off this milk soon and start to grubbin meat. I'm not tryna be living in sin, I'm just tryna be born again. With you on my side I'll win, Nothing for the devil but a Shoryuken! (CHORUS 4 times) But Those who wait Upon the LORD renew their strength; They mount up with wings like eagles; and FLY Fly fly I'ma wait on you Lord, I'ma trust in you We got the victory Through Jesus Christ Peace out Peace out