Irishwordsmith - evidence of God 2 (in favor of a Creator)

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth". lyrics - (book of genesis) our God is an awesome God/ it's odd, when He talks i'm awed/ His voice is like a waterfall/ every tiger has nonidentical stripes, they didn't evolve at all/ just applause's God in my eyes, He thought the wildlife and brought it forth/ from the biggest specimen's to the smallest sloth/ marsupial's, Tasmanian devil's and the spawn of frogs/ how can u bring an essence to tadpoles and black holes ?..come on applaud/ He made capped poles with frost and thaw and His critics reckon they can mock Him off ?/ lost men walking tall without the Gospel to give direction they've fallen flawed/ robbing God, who gives us elephants and hippo's, their distant relatives, dont cross their walk/ His intelligence thought up the indigenous resident's that squawk and crawl/ pigeon's, pelican's, swimming webbed things with flippers evident, hawks an all/.. even the brontosaurus which the biblical sentences often call behemoth who's width and length is awfully long/ giver of breathe, its for our cause He longs/ so all be calm, and give ur Respect to the God beyond/ - (book of genesis) the Source is source less, the Force that stems all resources, an Immortal Fortress, x2 heed the warning/ unbelievers say who created God ?/ assuming the human race evolved from a group of apes like kong/ the Creator is the accumulation, He's due some praising/ everything came from Him including the lunar fazes/ from the barren lands in Lithuania's secluded greyness/ to the beauty of the sound of a ukulele in the humid places/ failing to acknowledge His Rule and greatness leave us spewing hatred/ how can u disbelieve in this Supreme Being, everything that we've seen is just too amazing/. dictionaries of information in our D.N.A make up, God of Jacob is pre ordained/ believing we were once tree dwellers has to be re arranged/ let me explain/ biblical text claims we are made in God's image/ He's the Great I AM, so us acknowledging ur consciousness make us nod with it/ we say i am this, i am that, see were God's siblings/ the monkey's remain unaware of what their all feeling/ Godless minds, believing "only the strong survive" is why were all killing!/...God's law is in built in our conscience system, it proves God did it!/. (kent hovind) the Source is source less, the Force that stems all resources, an Immortal Fortress, x2 - the Bible differentiates us, were not perfected ape men/ im gonna end debate's, thinking men's relations are chimps leaves my mental aching/ like we just suddenly sprang and domesticated and began to praise a Creator while inventing scraper's/ describing our indwelling pain felt with a pen and paper/ longing to accept a Receptive Savior as we grovel in quarrel's with Heaven's Maker/ our ability to create a splendid array of artistic expression in the renaissance is reverent of His treasured labor/ plainly, there's 1 on a Level Greater up the elevator/ u'll forever fail when u tell me we came from a crevice crater!.. separation of Light from darkness/ science scarper's from men of Faith who's demonstration's leave their rival's tarnished/ dr. lane craig is unrivaled destroying their arguments/ jeremiah the prophet says God stretches the heavens like a garment/ making it evident He prescribed the stars lit/ cos the expansion of the universe is a fact that Einstein parted/ but it was first proclaimed in the Bible's articles, Thou art the Light my God, in Whom i confide my hardships/. (book of jeremiah) the Source is source less, the Force that stems all resources, an Immortal Fortress x2 men of science/ get in line/ its the end of time/ the infinite Blessed Mind is about to make His presence memorized/ tricked humans/ the Bible's been burned, ripped and flipped rudely but its never been disproven/ in fact, it convinced newton/ and anthony flew, a famous atheist, switched movements/ saying the evidence now available is disputing a Godless cosmos and console's with the Composer of the script's music/ "man is fearfully and wonderfully made", there's no sick flukes or tricks included/ its God Who emits Blueprints and can think nucleus's into sync looping the atom's infusion/ He's looking down on His kids fuming/ its the last season for blaspheming, ask Jesus in ur heart cos the King's Ruling!/. God Bless.