IrishWordSmith - God is Good (Christian Rap)

a rap providing evidence for those who doubt God's Love and Goodness :) lyrics - take a deep breathe, inhale, the King reigns, reflect, see the winds change, give Praise, He's blessed/ Jesus Christ is the Precept/ biblical scripture is some deep text/ speaks of the King Immortal, He's been the Lord since before we were even formed in the week's rest/ sits enthroned, He has dibs alone, created earth, gave His kids a home to be kept/ no defects/ it was clean dressed/ until man fell in sin, became depressed/ cut off from God, but Jesus took all our wrong so we can flee death/. Respect! God is good, some say He's evil cos He brings Judgment/ but He judges wicked nations, that's the King's Goodness/ His plan's perfect, if He didn't pass verdict on sin's fungus/ man's permit would cause injustice, God brings floods with the intention of creating a grand earth that's incorrupted/ God is good, i put my life in His hands, everything poison and bad swept aside replaced by righteousness, He's Mighty to have on ur side as a Pal, He's devising a plan, to unite mankind under the banner of Christ as a clan, made in His image, when the Maker is finished we'll be shining and grand...refined in the Lamb God's Holy mercy knows no ones perfect/ He gives eternal life n we dont deserve it!/ but folks are careless, rejecting perfection with no awareness/ Jehovah's so server it's no joke He holds us dear He sent His own Son to go prepare us to behold His whole appearance/ our soul's Holy parent! He gave us a law that's perfect, its awesome, learn it, some deep research, there'd be a peaceful earth if we all observed it/ people think He's trying to control us, but its Jehovah's Will we obey His law that we've all deserted, no stealing, no killing, no lying, Love ur Neighbor, we'd be flawless and non diversive, God is Good, John 3:16, spot His love/ He promised us everlasting life in paradise, is this not enough ?/ He makes it rain on the good and the bad, the Potter's Just/ He is not a man that u should call His bluff every bite of food u gobble up comes from His honest touch/ when will u thank and praise Him ?..when ur coffin dust ? He picks u up when ur falling apart/ He knew mankind was gonna walk in the dark/ so He sent Jesus on the cross to depart all of our awful thoughts, comments and scars/ mankind is falling short of the stars/ but God's grace will see us all raised and He'll draw His law on our hearts/ He welcomes all into His providence far with the broadest of arms/ so open the the door to Him, or were u Born in a Barn ? God is good beat made by Dansonn beats -