IrishWordSmith - Heavenly Places

"we are seated with Christ" :) Glory to God. . lyrics - heard about the Rapture?, supernatural capture of Christian Factors/ gone before u can spin Backwards/ taken from planes, cars n tractors/ ask first, leave the question's till later/ i don't question my Faith, im saved, bless with His grace/ stressed in this matrix i wanna press eject and escape/ Savior came, said "it is finished", now He's resting His case/ repentance and Faith will see u enter His gates/ there's no better estate/ u won't wanna ever escape/ melodies ever present, dwelling in the presence of a Heavenly race/ never death, an angelic lesson developing better remedies never sending for a medicine case/ don't second guess it's late/ get the message, get confessing ur wretchedness effort will see a rebel replaced by a brethren saint. (3:16) flee this living hell, physical prison cell, and enter spiritual citadels were enemies quake/ im giving to God what m sin was permitting when i was ripping Him off/ i was fibbing and didn't give a fitter listening to His original thoughts/ ive discovered that ever citizen sittin in religion is lost/ God wants His children to triple in diligence, ripple and quicken Him giving Him spiritual alms/ we'll see His miracles fall. Pure white shirts, dirt wiped cured of this world life curse, worldwide purge, id urge minds turn and learn Christs Word. Listen up, before the mic hits the floor, the Kingdom's shut, but Christ is the door.