IrishWordSmith - Is - Real

<p>"you believe in God, believe also in Me" - Jesus..God Bless!. lyrics - when i was low He saved me/ that Holy Baby/ turned Savior of man, i expose Him daily/ 44 reasons is what Jehovah gave me/ 44 because together my foes cant ate me/ safety...playlist fulla, saint spit's, brother/..chained in, was sailing like a slaves ship rudder/ out in the open, now im taking cover/ shedding my snake skin, seeing my face in color/'s hating, God's making what u saying bolt like a famous runner/.. lover of my soul, bad side overthrown/ without God ur Fatherless, this is mankind's broken home/ C for Christ, my gang signs Holy owned/ and im wholly owned, stolen from a lonely existence/ throw me a six pence/ inside i was homeless now im the Holiest virtual reality..this is so realistic.. 1 with God..Christlike/ Christian vice roy/ God's mouthpiece, if ur high-minded, fall down please/ seek His compound/ flee this dog house/ rot while our teeth are knocked out/ He's our mouthgaurd/ Jesus beat's the count barked/ He'll fight live with blind faith, my eye sights gifted/ sick of this zeitgeist/ high rise building's making the wildlife pilgrims/...night time still as the twilight dwindles..God speaks...u destroyed My children... Almighty King, fork lightning/ a Beacon, no torch like Him/ shelter from the storm, He's a warm climate/ refuge from war times, deluge's sword fights/ a Cathedral that soar's heights/ lore like, God's Power's a watch tower/ a castle keep/ protective battle fleet's/ u'll never count heaven's casualties/ sight's indescribable for best analogies/... like an upgraded earth/ rolling foothill's, soul is just chill, glum days are scarce/ forever young, let ur lung's take the air/ unquenchable Love gaze, unchained from fear/ follow this narrow path, there's only 1 way.. ya heard!/ beat</p>