IrishWordSmith - new life

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." - 2 Corinthians 5:17 - lyrics - its a give or take situation, tryna be a duplicate of the true Creator/ new behavior/ 2 player game, He's the Master, giving His pupil favor/ like when He cured the blind man, a beautiful Savior, i have/ times past and my lies fast to move away like an uprooted neighbor/ Christ is moving mountains until there truly crater's/ like on the lunar face or Yellowstone's huge volcano/ being born again, and looking to ur former sin is like being an angel when u lose ur halo/ dont listen to the stupid radio/ it'll ruin ur brain bro/ through Jesus u can commune with God, u can't use a payphone/ how's things ?.. same ol, still walking with Jesus/ saying austalavista to my rottenness/ the Gospel i preach it/ man's sin is like the toxin's killing dolphins on beaches/ ravid dogs of our leashes/ pitbull's, doberman's/ like we've gone off the cliff's up at dover, man/ searching for us with a sonar cam/ deep abyss with our evilness, we need Jehovah's Hand to hold us, noble stance, He'll mold us with His own commandments like a homeless man been clothed gold enhancements/..or something known hamlet.. creaky floorboard's, our soul's abandoned/ we need to seek the Lord more and wake from our sleep chloroform weakness and Behold His Grandness/ soul be damned if i didn't speak support for the Holy camp/ wouldn't even go chance it/ i was left alone, hooded foe's were chanting the coldest mantra's/ then a Glowing Lamp Lit!/ scared those opposing back to there lowly sand pit/ there only bandits, they've stolen my motor home now my abode's a mansion/. i salute my Lord, i feel like a man of numenor, rejuvenated..tryna disprove the Faithless..mankind's living the fast life in a human race, a true disgrace. x2) - open ur ears/ Holy and vocally fierce/ over the years nobody cared but Jehovah appeared and He's holding me near like i use be holding my bear/ my soul's seems perfect, de throned of arrears/. former self in the backdrop/ wondering if He exists at all like sasquach/..thank God..i repented in ashes and sackcloth/ now im reppin Christ, and my mic's better recognized when i rap talk/ u find me on the irish underground like a shamrock/ God owns me, and Christ has me trademarked/ 8 bars fulla life, raise u from that graveyard/ "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life"..find Jesus like a radar/ Ark of the covenant/ He's in my heart and im loving it/ i was scarred, He departed my ugliness/ rappin truth/ goblets of rabble used to readjust ur attitude problem/ unsigned, let Him manage views/ gun crime, blunt knives, world fulla damaged youth/ no punchline..when i say i wish i could return 2 my apple juice/ be young again/ have my innocent blood avenged/ but i grew up, went down a bad avenue/ Christ came and said i'm having u/ shell of a man/ dwelling in the most hellish of lands/ frequent drug use, i was asking the devil to dance/ but now im the cleanest cut troop because of the elegant Lamb/.He's everything man/ take this bible from my cold dead hands/ everything's Jesus, i'm no row Z fan/ stay true for Him, not lukewarm like a Homec Pan/ personal Relationship, Jesus carries 2 people like moped can/. i salute my Lord, i feel like a man of numenor, rejuvenated..tryna disprove the Faithless..mankind's living the fast life in a human race, a true disgrace. x2) beat -