IrishWordSmith - Rap - tured

"all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" lyrics - ive survived alot/ man that time forgot/ Christ unblock's my writer's block/ all this filthiness wiping off/ body God's temple, mind's His mosque/ living God's synagoge, eyes are stained glass windows/ inside's a box to state bad info/ ..Christ is God, He made man's pincode and joined the dot's/ His shine has Got me in ray band tint mode/ tryna knock these wordly noises off like i hate that ring tone/.. but i cannot... unless im a dedicated acolyte/ hunger for God with a never failing appetite/ u shall not live on bread alone but on every statement Father's voice men locate like satellite's.. sat alight..basking in His radiance/ like i palace dine while Palestine's blasted with uranium/ why our pal is dying ?, im asking the iranian's/ unmasking the Reigning King/ what mass can we praise Him in ?../ out passing my past out cast casket men/ shout bad abstinence in doubt but now out classing him/ assassination of my last offence/ while i bow down chastening/ no longer a criminal, no down town travelling/ paddy wagon dismantling, this man tellin his ballad happy/ balaclava clad baddie rapidly had a kamikaze/ i said what are u saying and sad em like a mad iraqui/ God has me worth more than abu dhabi, on all 4's i use crawl, slither/ Lord's our lawgiver we should all shiver/ cos were all sinner's/ a side, seems were coming to God's iller like tall lizard's/ living in denial like were all swimmer's in long river's/.. pause) pontificate of the Master's Way/ He ascended into the astral planes and will return in these latter days/ bang, flash.. rapture, saints are snatched away/ gone in 60 seconds from this actor's cage/ why is man questioning the Grandest Faith/ for the salvation of man the Lamb was slain/ the only mohammed that impressed me was cassius clay/ no bashful claim/ true believer, i dont masquerade/ i do pray more/ hardened bond.. moonraker/.. sin doesnt exist like starting off 2 player in lara croft tomb raider/ deliver this message... im Father God's news paper/ true Maker's never an afterthought/ were heavenly astronaut's/ Body of Christ leaving earth, whole assembly's blasting off... rapture soon/..Lord could strike morning night or afternoon, i was organized for the Flight back in's lost..fallen like gandalf on kazad dum..and balrog..he planet's doomed, gang's of youth bandit's leave people stressed like a bad masseuse.. seep my soul in Holiness/ praising poppy while ur smoking opiates/ rushing men to God Holy soviets/ Jesus Christ crucified, feeling quite brutalized.. bruised inside, He my Chief beside me in this freedom fight... humankind, needs the Light to be reconciled to the Ruler's side, Mind of Christ, makes us feel alive...ruin is wiped clean, sight seeing the scenic sites with the newest vibe. beat by theoficialtone -