IrishWordSmith - the Words of Jesus (Christian Rap)

the Master speaking :) lyrics - feel like ive been in it from the get go/ beyond the threshold/ came to God for an honest expose/ ill talk to people, i cannot connect though/ i can walk with Jesus even if i'm hoppin, legs broke/ He's a friend, a Father, the Master, the 1 u should ask For when ur not the best bro!.. "who do u say I Am ?" God in flesh showed us how to live this life/ Immanuel is a Manual on how to give with Light/ dont dismiss His voice/ "all who hear Me Love the truth"..He'll have u Hypnotized/ He loves u like no other, brother, mother even ur Mistress Wife/ ur His gift, His child/ "no greater Love than a man to lay down His life for His friends" ? He did this, right!. no fib disguise, He was 33, would u choose to die/ ? crucified, for all who are bruised inside/ victimized, and pushed to the ruthless side/ in this world fulla putrid lies/ "I Am the Way the truth and the Life" the Words of Jesus help u survive! "I and My Father are 1", He stepped off His throne/ hung on a bereft cross and spoke..."my God, why have u forsaken Me" He was left all alone! His legs torn to bone,"I'll rebuild this temple in 3 days", He didn't mean any sort of men's fort or dome/ they thought they were rid of Him on friday and on sunday His flesh soared and rose...exported Home. - "in my Father's house are many mansions"/ then He answers and confides in John, says He died for all but how many thank Him ? He invited all to heaven's banquet, told the beggar, rise! don't forget ur blanket! "I'll make u fishers of men", as the twelve were hand picked/ commanded legion's "what's ur name! ?...give Him praise and encore, He came to conquer the devil's antics. hooked on His conduct, of course because He's God look, the Words of Jesus leave u pure and will allure the bit of worth your needing/ He's the Pinnacle of innovative cures and healing/ it be different if He didn't leave the world retreating/ from His ministering which rivet's men at first revealing. ur the synagogue of the living God/ "unless u be Born Again, u cannot inherit the Kingdom of God"/ get Him involved! He be killin off the sin thats blemishing ur penitence and villainous to His applause/ pitted in with wicked thoughts/ "suffer the children unto Me", He's infinite, He sits aloft/ the Biggest Boss, bringing in His Kingdom with deliberate deliverance, His building's are magnificent with pillar's glossed/ "no one comes to the Father but through Me" be a recipient to live with Him and get within the City walls!/ He said "it is finished" when He fitted in with criminals and gritted with His will for us on a splintered Cross./ it's definitive to replenish and acquit the Lost.