Is your heart broken?

Do you ever get so angry at the world, people and things in your life, even God, that you've wanted to repay everyone who had ever hurt you, to "get back" at them for the pain you have? Do you feel like people don't understand you? Do you feel rejected by your family and friends and even God? JESUS loves you and He cares about everything you are going through. He knows how hard your life has been, He's been there all along, waiting for you to call out to Him with your whole heart. He wants to take away the pain and anger you've been carrying all these years, He wants to scoop you up and hold you close to his heart, if you'll allow Him. I use to be extremely angry at Jesus and blamed Him for things that weren't even His fault...I was set out to crush the very heart of GOD...until one night, He shared His love with me, He gave me His heart, mind and spirit, JESUS healed me!!! He explained to me why things get so messed up in life, its much deeper than most realize..... here's my story....another testimony for JESUS.