Israel or Church? Who are the elect of the LORD

This is the first video in a series that discusses the end times. The series consist of 3 full DVD's in full HD format and is available from our website at: It is also available in book form from:, and in ebook form from: This video looks at what the differences are between Israel and the Church. I use the covenant with Abraham as a departure point. Even in Revelation we are told that the people that will overcome the devil will do so by becoming part of the covenant: "Rev 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony. And they did not love their soul until death." That means that the overcomers will do so by becoming part of the covenant. This will be done by painting the Blood of Jesus on the doorposts of your life, by the testimony of how you live, and not to love yourself, but to do what Romans 6 teach, and that is to take up your cross and follow Jesus, and die. Just remember you cannot be born again without dying first. The start of that journey is when we get baptized as a believer.