Jeremy Lin praying for Taiwan! - New York Knicks - Christian Prayer [Taiwanese Pride]

Jeremy Lin's Favorite Bible Verse: Do you have any verses that you turn to? "Romans 5:3-5 are my favorite verses. It's maybe not what you'd expect, I guess, because it's about suffering and having the right perspective in down times. But it helps me put everything back in perspective, because, you know, everyone goes through down times. It gives me a sense of peace." Jason Ma is leading the prayer to his God and Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Improve Your Skills About: Plyometric,Plyometric Workout,Basketball Drills,Increase Vertical Leap,Football Training,Jumping Exercises,Run Faster,High Jump,Bodyweight Exercises,How To Increase Vertical Leap,Basketball Training,40 Yard Dash,Ways To Increase Vertical,How Can I Jump Higher,Jump Increase,How Can I Run Faster,Basketball Workout,Jumping Shoes,Jump High,Isometric Training\How Do You Jump Higher,Jumping Vertical,The Jump Program,Ways To Jump Higher,Improve Vertical Leap,Leap Vertical,Vertical Jump Jump,Jumping Workouts,How Do I Jump Higher,How To Improve Vertical Leap,How Jump Higher,Jump Workout,Vertical Increase,How Do You Run Faster,Jump Exercises Original Video by TaiwaneseNOTChinese