Jill Vidal on WitnessHK // From Darkness to Light

Have you ever been in so much pain that you thought you no longer wanted to live? The Lord Jesus Christ hears your prayers and can transform you from darkness to light. 您試過痛苦到不想再活嗎?主耶穌聽得見您的禱告,並可以將您由黑暗帶到光明處。 WitnessHK is blessed to bring you a real, raw testimony of hope and transformation from Hong Kong pop artist, Jill Vidal. We pray that you will listen to her story and be moved to give your hardships to the Lord and allow Him to bear your burdens. Only He can break the bondages of your past and bring you into complete freedom. For more testimonies from WitnessHK, visit http://WitnessHK.com WitnessHK有幸和您分享歌手衛詩一個關於希望及轉變的見證。我們希望她的故事能感動您將您的困難向主交上,讓祂背上您的負擔。只有祂可以破碎您過去的綑綁及帶領您到完全的自由。 於 http://WitnessHK.com 可以找到更多見證分享。