John D Martin --The Gospel of The Kingdom

In this sermon John D Martin preaches on the teaching of "The Kingdom of God." He describes this as a teaching that is very neglected by modern Christianity. He points out that this is particularly disturbing considering that it is the most popular topic of Jesus. In discussing the Kingdom John D gives a wonderful definition of what a "kingdom Community" should look like. He says that it is an example to the world of what it should look like if everyone would follow the teachings of Jesus. That's what the church should be! In describing the theme of the kingdom John D highlights a few of the "kingdom Teachings" that are most neglected including love, materialism, helping the poor, economics, servant-leadership, brotherhood and community. This message was given at Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2012. The audience was mainly conservative Mennonites or other Anabaptist's. Therefore, dome of his rebukes are particularly addressed to them. However, I think it is fair to say that the rebukes can be given to the body of Christ at large as well.